Grading System:

Routes are graded A, B or C. Grades do not reflect how strenuous a route is, only the technical difficulty. An A-route involves walking, a B-route some scrambling and a C-route more demanding scrambling.

+R500 for the group to have a privately guided hike or R500 single supplement where relevant. Prices are valid until 1st May 2021.

Grade: A+

Price: R1100p/p

Time: 4 to 5 hours


What’s included:


  • professional mountain guide
  • discovering local knowledge of flora & fauna
  • learning about historical reference points
  • safety & route navigation 
  • transport 



This tour is for the hikers who wishes to slow down and fully appreciate the natural surroundings; the flora, fauna and history. It is intimate and personal and focuses on immersion and learning about the Mountain, Cape Town and South Africa.


What to expect:


Devil’s Peak forms part of the mountainous backdrop to Cape Town and, looking from the city upwards, is the towering spire left of Table Mountain itself. There are many adventurous routes up this mountain yet ours starts at the base of Tafelberg road and zigzags it’s way gloriously all the way to the summit. This hike is more forgiving than many routes on Table Mountain and, once at the summit, hikers are afforded some incredible views of not only the surrounding oceans and city, but also Newlands forest right out to Constantia. This is a slightly easier hike but there is no cable car so a trek back down is in order.


Fitness required:


This route requires a basic to moderate level of fitness. While there is no height exposure, there are one or two minor rock scrambling sections and hikers need to have a high level of endurance as the hike takes around 5 hours. 


Covid protocols:


The risk of outdoors activities, where social distancing is enforced, has been deemed by the WHO as being significantly less than indoors activities. Nonetheless, we place the highest value on our guests’ safety at all times. We walk in small, intimate groups, ensure safe walking distances and promote the use of hand sanitizer and the wearing of masks where necessary.

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