Grading System:

Routes are graded A, B or C. Grades do not reflect how strenuous a route is, only the technical difficulty. An A-route involves walking, a B-route some scrambling and a C-route more demanding scrambling.

+R500 for the group to have a privately guided hike or R500 single supplement where relevant. Prices are valid until December 31st, 2020..

R650 per person
Grade: a
Time: 3 hours

If you want the photo for the folks back home but not the slog up Table Mountain, then a pleasant stroll along the summit is for you. We will take the cable car up and walk along the top towards Maclears Beacon- the highest point on the mountain at 1,085m. We will then hike back along the ‘front’ edge of the mountain allowing hikers views of the City Bowl and harbour below. This hike naturally places a greater focus on the history of Cape Town and also on the rich flora and fauna that abounds here.